(Science, Mathematics, Art, Research, and Technology)

30 22nd Street

Wheeling, West Virginia 26003

Phone: (304) 23 DINOS (304) 233-4667

Robert E. Strong, Director

Richard Pollack, Director of Energy Projects

Elizabeth A. Strong, Program Coordinator


Pre-school, Day Care, and Head Start Sample Topics

Marvelous Magnets - Feel magnets push and pull. Float a magnet. Explore the fascinating world of magnets.

Bubble Fun - Learn the shapes bubbles take. Blow and stretch bubbles.

Rainbow Shadows -Make your own rainbow with colored lights.

Crayfish and Me - How are you different from a crayfish? How are you the same?

Dynamic Dinosaurs-Find out how big dinosaurs were, what they ate, and how they walked through a variety of activities. See some real fossils and other interesting dinosaur items.

Prices and scheduling:

Programs may be held at SMART Centre Market, 30 22nd Street, Wheeling on Mondays or mornings by appointment. On site prices are $3.00 per student for a one hour program and $5.00 per student for a two hour program. Space is limited to two classes of 25 students each.

Off site prices are $150.00 for 1/2 day with one presenter for one class with a maximum of 30 students.

A 1 hour program for the class is $100.00. Please contact us at least 2 weeks in advance to schedule your program at libby@smartcenter.or