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30 22nd Street

Phone: (304) 277-2966 or (304) 233-4667

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Robert E. Strong, Director

Richard Pollack, Director of Energy Projects

Elizabeth A. Strong, Program Coordinator


In addition to the workshop style programs available at schools, we have also developed a demonstration series with the following topics currently available or a series of demonstrations designed around a topic of your choice may be chosen:

Demos in the Dark- Participate in interactive chemistry and physics demonstrations involving visible light and other forms of energy.

Demos in Flight - The principle of flight including lift, Bernoulli's Principle, etc. will be investigated in an interactive manner.

Demos with Density - Find out how density applies to everyday life with this series of demonstrations including watching a hot air balloon rise.

Forces and Energy -Investigate a variety of forces and energy in this interactive program, including an air cannon!

Laser, Light, and Sound - Watch and listen while light and sound energy are demonstrated with a laser light show and a variety of color and sound demos.

Chemical Reactions - View and participate in a variety of safe and exciting chemical reactions!

Optical Illusions - Can you really believe your eyes? Interact with several different optical illusions that help to answer this question.

Demonstration series programs at a school site cost $300.00 per 2 forty-five programs. Audiences may be housed in gymnasiums, etc. For distances over 50 miles, a travel fee is also charged. Please contact the SMART Center at at least two weeks in advance to schedule your program.

Programs are correlated to the state science standards and objectives.