(Science, Mathematics, Art, Research, and Technology)

30 22nd Street

Wheeling, West Virginia 26003

Phone: (304) 233-4667

(304) 23 DINOS

Robert E. Strong, Director

Richard Pollack, Director of Energy Projects

Elizabeth A. Strong, Program Coordinator


All science presentations will be geared to specific grade levels and correlate to state standards for science.

Kindergarten through eighth grade sample science topics:

The Physics of Bubbles - Why do bubbles always make spheres? Make both large and small bubbles and see how bubbles interact with other bubbles. (K-5)

Light and Color - Explore the world of light. Discover colored shadows, play with prisms, and more. (K-8)

Buoyancy - Why do things float? Find out about Cartesian divers and watch a hot air balloon rise. (3-8)

Rocks, Minerals and Fossils - Identify minerals, rocks, and fossils. How old are fossils? (3-8)

What is it? - Participate in classification activities with handouts introducing the various kingdoms of living things. From bacteria to you, discover the living world. (3-8)

Magnets and Electricity - Get a charge out of this program as open and closed circuits are demonstrated. Magnetism is explored through a variety of activities. (K-8)

U R Unique - Find out what makes you unique! No one is exactly like you. Discover why with this interesting program. (K-8)

Microscope Fun - Look into the unseen world of very small creatures and observe much larger versions of everyday items such as salt grains and clothing fibers. (K-8)

Physics with Toys - See how simple physics principles govern familiar toys. Make a physics toy and take it home! (K-8)

What’s the Matter? - Explore four, yes four states of matter with activities and handouts. (K-8)

Domes and Spheres - Build geodesic domes and spheres and learn how these structures are used in architecture and nature. (3-8)

Chemical Reactions - What are the hallmarks of chemical reactions? Does it always blow up? Participate in safe, yet fun chemical reactions. (K-8)

Dynamic Dinosaurs - Explore the world of these amazing creatures. Find out what they ate and how big they were. (K-8)

Pressure - Use a variety of everyday items to demonstrate pressure and its effects. Have you ever seen marshmallow jerky? (K-8)

Optical Illusions- Experience the realm of classic optical illusions and find out how and why they can fool your eyes, and your brain. (3-8)

Understanding Energy - The nature of energy and energy transformations will be explored with an emphasis on alternative energy strategies. (K-8)

Sounds Like Fun - Participate in noisy, but fun activities demonstrating sound as a wave and how sound travels. ((K-8)

Waves - How many different kinds of waves do you know? Make waves and learn the different types of waves in this program. (3-8)

Simple Machines - Find out why life wouldn’t be so simple without these machines through a variety of hands-on activities. (3-8)

Things that Spin - Play with a variety of toys and models that spin and learn why they move the way that they do. (K-8)

Appalachian Toys - Find out about toys that are made of wood and demonstrate many science concepts (made by Mountain Craft Shop in Proctor, WV)

STARLAB-Crawl into our inflatable planetarium and learn about constellations, plate tectonics, weather, ocean currents, and more. Not available at SMART Centre Market, but may be done at schools.

On site programs at SMART Centre Market, 30 22nd Street, Wheeling may be arranged on Mondays or by special scheduling for mornings on Tuesday-Saturday. The store contains a variety of exhibits and displays and has space for two classes of up to 25 students each. Programs held at SMART Centre Market are $3.00 per student for a one-hour program, $5.00 per student for a two hour program, and $7.00 per student for a three hour program.

Off site prices are $300.00 per day for one presenter for most workshop topics, with the STARLAB off site programs the exception at $500.00 per day. Two presenters for one-day hands-on workshop is $400.00 and three presenters for a one-day hands-on workshop is $500.00. For distances over 50 miles a travel charge of .30 mile will be charged. For programs requiring an overnight stay (over 70 miles away), lodging will be included. For some programs, multiple schools may be included in the same trip and travel/lodging can be combined.

All programs may be custom designed to meet your students’ and teachers’ needs at no extra charge. Please e-mail at least two weeks in advance to schedule your program.